Approval Process


Land owners

Before accessing land that has an exploration permit attached to it, an operator must negotiate a land access agreement with a landowner. We will work closely with landowners to minimise our operating footprint and the interruption to farming activities. Part of our agreement will also provide compensation to the landowner for any potential disruption that may be caused to their day-to-day business.

The approvals process for exploration requires minimal disturbance and, once the wells are established, the operation is unobtrusive, as it only occupies a small area of cleared land. After production, well sites are rehabilitated to an agreed standard that is monitored by the environmental regulator.


Prior carrying out exploration or drilling operations, permit holders must submit several applications to the relevant departments to gain approval for the specific scope of works, including an assessment of the potential safety and environmental implications of the activities.

Assessment of these plans will determine any additional measures required during operations, such as the monitoring of aquifers, or the rehabilitation of affected areas.

Separate permits are required for each of the exploration and production phases.