Our approach is to engage with landowners, government, regulators and other stakeholder groups through every step of our process. We will obtain written agreement for land access before proceeding with any activities.

We will work with government on our approvals and with local Shires regarding activity within their jurisdiction.

We believe that with a co-operative approach, gas exploration and production can successfully co-exist with the local community, leading to long-term mutual benefits.

Aboriginal Heritage and Native Title

We are committed to ensuring all Aboriginal heritage issues are managed to the highest standards.

There are known heritage sites in the region and we have taken steps to ensure our proposed activities avoid these locations, including liaising with the Department of Heritage and Lands to identity sites and plan our activities around them.

We will work with the Traditional Owners of the areas of our activity and the Department of Lands and Heritage to ensure any potential heritage issues are managed sensitively and appropriately. Where applicable we may enter into Heritage Agreements with Traditional Owners to help manage heritage in any of the areas where we operate.

We will also seek to work with the Native Title claimants to identify potential opportunities our exploration activities might create for Traditional Owners.