EP 368 & 426 Mingenew & Irwin


Both EP 368 and EP 426 are located within the Shires of Mingenew and Irwin.

EP 368 holds a conventional gas prospect in the Shire of Mingenew and the current planned drill area is on privately owned farmland.

The well is targeting conventional gas resources. This means that we expect the rocks in the reservoir to be structured in such a way, that if there is gas, it will flow freely through our well under its own pressure.

Fauna and flora studies have been undertaken to ascertain any potential impacts from the drilling activity, and environmental management plans are being developed to ensure our work is carried out to the highest possible environmental standards.

A study of heritage sites in the area has also been undertaken and our work has been planned to avoid disturbing any of the significant sites that are known to be in the area, including the Irwin river.

Before any activity is undertaken, we will ensure that we have agreements with all land owners who may be affected by our activities. As the targeted area is on existing farmlands, it is likely that there will be no need for any clearing of native vegetation.
We are planning to commence the drilling campaign before Q3 2020 and expect the campaign to take approximately two months.