EP 389 & 440 L 18 & 19 Gingin


Within the Shire of Gingin, Energy Resources hold the following permits: EP 389, EP 440, L 18 and L 19.

Energy Resources is currently finalising the scope of a seismic program located within Exploration Permits 389 and 440.

This seismic program will assist us in understanding the subsurface geology and identify sites adjacent to the Red Gully gas plant. Under this program we will acquire a minimum of 100km of 2D seismic data within our permitted areas.

As part of the planning process, we will engage with landholders regarding land access agreements. We will not enter properties for any activity unless we have the agreement from the landholder.

The seismic program is scheduled for first quarter of 2020, providing all of the necessary agreements are in place.